Getting started with Marblewire Trellis Online


In this guide, we explain the Marblewire Trellis Online workflow and introduce you to a few concepts that will help you to best put Marblewire Trellis Online to work for you.

Marblewire Trellis Online has 3 main sections which work together to help you meet your training evaluation requirements:

  • Projects
  • Forms
  • Lists

Within Marblewire Trellis Online, a training event that you want to evaluate, is represented by a project.

A project is a unit of management for all aspects of the evaluation of a training event.

Among other things, you can carry out the following activities with an evaluation project:

  • Set up details of the training event such at the name of the course, location and trainer
  • Set up the list of the training delegates atttending the training event
  • Add the list of their managers/supervisors (if you want to collect their feedback on training impact)
  • Copy in the evaluation forms you'll be sending to your recipients to obtain their training feedback
  • Send e-mails to training delegates, team leaders or trainers asking then to fill in your evaluation form
  • Track the completion rate of the evaluation form and send reminder e-mails
  • Maintain notes

This is where you manage all aspects of designing your custom training evaluation forms.

From here, you can design forms which you can store in your template library or else save directly to a project.

It also hosts the form template library as well as libraries for questions and other form elements.


These are groups of user supplied names that become available within Marblewire Trellis Online, as options you can select from.

The following are some of the more important lists you can add items to:

  • Course categories - allows you to group your training into distinct categories
  • Course titles - the names of the actual training courses which can be saved to categories or else into a single general group
  • Trainers - the names and e-mail addresses of trainers, if you want to obtain feedback from them
  • Delegates - this is the most important list. It holds the names and e-mail addresses of all delegates you will be contacting for training feedback. You can optionally add department and organisation name for each delegate
  • Team leaders - these are the manager/superivsors of the delegates you would have added above. If you want to collect feedback from them, you enter their name and e-mail address here

Now let's take a look at the Marblewire Trellis Online workflow by walking through a training scenario, and see how we can streamline the training evaluation process.