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Marblewire Trellis Online Features

Easy to use evaluation form designer

Design evaluation forms to your specific requirements using the built-in form designer.

You can design forms in any language including languages with non-English characters.

form designer screenshot

Choice of question type

Choose from 5 different question types to design your forms:

  • Multiple choice – Single selection
  • Multiple choice – Multiple selection
  • Rating scale single - a single rating scale question with an follow-up comment
  • Rating scale block - a grid with any number of rating scale questions
  • Commentary
form question types screenshot

Fast evaluation form creation using the form element libraries

Load form elements from the libraries into the form designer to create new evaluation forms fast.

Form elements are individual questions, question options and logos that you save to the element libraries for subsequent easy reuse.

form element libraries screenshot

Easy reuse with the form template library

Save the forms you design to the template library and import them into your evaluation projects for easy reuse.

form template library screenshot

Choice web-friendly fonts

Choose from a range of web-friendly fonts to determine the look of your evaluation forms.
form font screenshot

Use your organisations' logo

Personalise your evaluation forms by adding your organisations' logo and choose how it's aligned - left, right or centre.

logo alignment menu screenshot

Apply benchmarking

Set internal benchmarks for each eligible question type for comparison to acutal results.

form benchmarks screenshot