Frequently Asked Questions - What can we help you with?


Which web browser do you recommend?

For the optimal user experience with Marblewire Trellis Online, we recommend in this order - Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 9+ and Safari.


I haven't had the chance to really work with Marblewire Trellis Online since I signed up. Can I get an extension?

No problem, just contact us and we'll be happy to extend your trial.


I want to be able to combine the feedback from training conducted in different regions and on different days into a single report - we'll be asking the same questions. How can I do this?

Yes you can. Use the Cross-project analysis option for this, you'll find it under the Projects menu.

You can either explicitly select the evaluations you want to combine or use a variety of filters to set your selection criteria.

As long as you've used the same evaluation form to collect feedback, Marblewire Trellis Online will aggregate your feedback into a single report.

Feedback collection

Can evaluation forms be filled in by training delegates on mobile devices? Will evaluation forms display correctly?

Yes, your evaluation form respondents can complete evaluation forms using a wide variety of mobile devices on.

Due to the wide variety of mobile devices on the market, it is not possible to test each one individually.

However by adhering to web standards we are able to ensure that any evaluation forms designed using Marblewire Trellis Online will render correctly across your devices from mobile to laptop and desktop.

You can see a sample of mobile devices and how they display Marblewire Trellis Online evaluations here: