Administer and track your training evaluations online


Marblewire Trellis Online. Training evaluation management for training courses and workshops


Marblewire Trellis Online helps you manage your training evaluations - from evaluation form design and distribution, to feedback collection, analysis and reporting - over the web.

Choose from e-mail, kiosk mode and paper to collect your training feedback.

Get up and running fast and easy

No software to download and install, and no servers to buy and maintain. To get started with Marblewire Trellis Online you just need to create an account.

Once your account is created, log in and start collecting training feedback and running analysis reports.

Designed to streamline your training evaluation process

Unlike survey or spreadsheet software, Marblewire Trellis Online has been designed from the ground up to help you manage your training evaluation process in a way that saves you time and resources.

Organise all your training evaluations in one place

Marblewire Trellis Online provides a filing system that allows you to organise your training evaluations using projects and project folders.

You can create any number of folders to organise your evaluation projects - based on month, year, training type, department or any other basis you might choose.

Collect training feedback using e-mail, kiosk mode and paper

Marblewire Trellis Online provides you with the option to choose from up to 3 methods of data collection making gathering training feedback data flexible and easy;

E-mail: Use the Marblewire Trellis Online e-mail service to send email notifications to respondents with a link to your evaluation survey.

Kiosk mode: For immediate feedback, use the kiosk mode on one or more tablets, laptops or desktop computers for unattended data collection.

Paper: For where feedback is collected using paper evaluation forms, a user-friendly data entry screen provides an easy approach to manually entering feedback.

Design evaluation forms to meet your specific requirements

Marblewire Trellis Online provides a highly intuitive form designer and provides five different question types for you to choose from.

This provides the capability to create the training evaluation forms you need to meet your training evaluation requirements.

Also collect feedback from team leaders and training instructors

Marblewire Trellis Online makes it easy to collect, manage and report on training feedback from training stakeholders and not just the training delegates alone.

This capability allows you to keep all feedback from a training event together - whether it's from managers and supervisors (team leaders), training instructors or delegates.

Deliver reporting on demand

Once you start receiving responses from your evaluation forms, you can immediately start running reports.

Marblewire Trellis Online produces 2 core analysis reports:

Feedback Analysis Report: Shows a summary of the received feedback

Benchmark Analysis Report: Shows how the feedback received compares against benchmark scores you set for each question.

Provide aggregate feedback reporting

Marblewire Trellis Online allows you to combine feedback from any number of training events into a single report.

With this cross project reporting functionality, you can set filters and run aggregate reports based on course name, instructor, date range, etc.

Access your training evaluation data wherever you are

Because Marblewire Trellis Online is a web-based application, it is accessible to you at work, at home and on the road whether from a desktop computer, a laptop or tablet device.

Simply go to and click on the login link to get started.

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